Dustin and Ethan

About Us

Integris Consulting was started in January 2000 as a computer consulting company providing computer repair and programming services. In early 2004, we began shooting video and by 2005 much of our work involved web development and video production.

We often travel to locations to shoot video or meet directly with clients. We have the ability to transport our editing workstations equipment to edit HD video on location.

Currently, we have customers in: Arizona, Califonia, Florida, Missouri, New York, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Norway and Finland

Web technologies we use are: ASP, DHTML, Flash, HTML, Javascript, Joomla, MS SQL, MySQL, osCommerce, PHP, WIX, XML

Services we provide include: graphic design, web programming, video production

We have working relationships with individuals and companies who provide these services: actors, Digibeta, circuit design, close captioning, computer programming, DVD replication, music composition, sound design, video production, voice actors